Goolawah Reserve Camp Ground, with its abundance of shade trees and lovely wide beach, is a relaxing place.

Goolawah Reserve Camp Ground was doggy central. Dogs and their owners have been coming here for years. It was an amazing social scene as two and four legged friends reconnected and took themselves off to old favourite haunts. I was there over the Christmas holidays, when many people come to their favourite camping ground.

The unfortunate reality is though that it may become national park. So if you do venture this way, check first.

Tucked behind the sand dunes to the beach, this little oasis had plenty of room to run and lots of shady trees. It does flood a bit in the middle in the lower section, but there is plenty of room to avoid this spot.

The toilets are flushing and attended to everyday. There are outside cold showers and water is available. At $10 a night it was good value, it was so good I splurged on 3 nights!

You will find a vast amount of beach to explore, with good swimming on clean sand.

This is a gorgeous place. I hope we don’t lose it and especially for the locals who love taking their dogs here.

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Goolawah campground

Goolawah Beach

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